How much should you spend for an electronic dart board

Socializing over a game is the best thing to do nowadays when we hardly have separate time for playing, meeting friends and partying. It surely lets you bond with your friends while displaying your special talents. A good quality dart board game will do this for you. What is better than a dependable and multiplayer electronic dart board?


So, if you are finally convinced to buy an electronic dart board, the next obvious step will be to select a good quality product that comes within your budget. You must be strictly aware with the various aspects of an electronic dart board and how much is enough to spend on it to enjoy a challenging darting bout in your buddies’ company.

You must also get acquainted about the features of dart boards, their material of construction to assess the price to help you make an intelligent purchase.

A few things any buying guide should contain:

  1. a1Player count allowed- more the number of players allowed, higher the price will go.
  2. Player score keeping options- if the score can be displayed for more number of players simultaneously, you need to spend more on such a model.
  3. Quality of LCD for scores- Some LCDs may be of so low quality that they may get cracked by a dart hit by the player. Check if the LCD is covered with a superior protective layer. It is going to increase the price.
  4. Storage and analysis of scorers- Whether the dartboard comes with option to store the scores of players. It will be an important factor to assess its price.
  5. Number of game options- If your chosen dart board provides a number of games, then be ready to pay more for your entertainment, but it will be a onetime investment for years of enjoyment.
  6. Size of the board- Bigger board will be costlier due to the count of electronic components on it.
  7. Quality and stability of darts- Just make sure that the dartboard manufacturer has not compromised on the dart quality to lower down the price of the unit.
  8. Accuracy of scores- Accuracy of scores is an essential aspect to keep the sportsman spirit alive, but you surely have to loosen your purse strings for the dependable quality.
  9. Number of surface holes to hold the targeted dart- It will directly impact the accuracy of your targets. It will definitely cost a bit more than the regular electronic dart board.


With all these points you will be able to evaluate the price of an electronic dart board against the features it holds. You should be ready to shell out anything between $10 and $100 to get an electronic dartboard home.

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